1 determiner, pronoun
1 belonging to you and no one else: your own house/car etc: He was so drunk he even forgot his own name. | He tells people how to bring up their children but is so lenient with his own. | a house/car etc of your own: He left the company to start a business of his own. | your very own (=used to add emphasis): When you grow up you can have your very own room.
2 done or caused without the help or influence of someone else: Why buy clothes when you can make your own more cheaply? | You've got to learn to make your own decisions. | It's your own fault for leaving the window open.
3 get your own back (on sb) informal to get revenge 1 (1) for something someone has done to you: All I wanted was to get my own back on my stepfather for punishing me.
4 (all) on your own
a) alone: I've been living on my own for four years now.
b) without anyone's help: I made this wardrobe all on my own.
5 be your own man/woman to have your opinions and not be influenced by others
—see also: come into your own come 1, hold your own hold 1 (39) USAGE NOTE: OWN GRAMMAR You use own only after possessive words like my, John's, the company's, etc: He has his own room/a room of his own. Own can be made stronger by adding very: He has his very own room/a room of his very own. 2 verb (transitive not in progressive)
1 to have something when it is legally yours, especially because you have bought it, been given it etc: Who owns that beautiful house? | Mr Silver owned a large printing firm.
2 behave as if you own the place also act like you own the place informal to behave in a way that is too confident and upsets other people: She's only been here five minutes and she's already acting like she owns the place!
3 old-fashioned to admit that something is true: own (that): I own that I judged her harshly at first.
(+ to): I must own to a feeling of anxiety. own up phrasal verb (I) to admit that you have done something wrong, especially something that is not serious: Unless the guilty person owns up, the whole class will be punished. | own up to sth/to doing sth: No one owned up to breaking the window.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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